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Client: Fortune 500 engineering, architecture and construction firm
Engine Service: Dual-fuel generators

ESi engineers supervised the overhaul of a large bore engine-generator. The engine overhaul was a small part of a much larger engineering project supervised by a large engineering firm. The project construction manager relied on ESi engineers to ensure that the site owner’s interests were protected during the course of the engine work. ESi supervised and expedited the work of the engine OEM and several supporting contractors, acting as the plant owner’s proxy.

ESi’s project management informed the staging of work, evaluated the need and results for change order work, coordinated tasks and equipment with the facility, and audited the overall performance at job completion, working collaboratively with several contractors including the engine OEM and a construction management firm. The scope of work included engine disassembly, cylinder head overhaul, connecting rod overhaul, leveling of the engine base, cylinder block machining, lube oil flushing, engine reassembly, testing, and tuning.


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