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Client: Metropolitan municipal wastewater treatment plant
Engine Service: Dual-fuel, direct drive sewage pumps

In 2012, an engine fire devastated a wastewater treatment plant in a major US city, necessitating services to promptly repair the large bore, medium speed engine and its associated control system. Many of the aluminum engine parts melted, and the electronics, wiring, and control devices were destroyed. Because the system was installed in the 1980s, much of the existing hardware was either obsolete or had long replacement lead times. ESi personnel led a team through the engine’s return to service.

After mechanical inspection and replacement of necessary engine parts, ESI personnel developed a new control design with contemporary components, while managing design approval processes to efficiently maintain productivity during the emergency. The engine, which many had assumed was irreparable, was put back in service four months from the date of the fire. The scope of work included teardown and inspection of engine components, design and installation of new control system, rewiring the existing control panel, and engine commissioning. Our engineers worked closely with plant personnel, providing planning, leadership and direct supervision when necessary. Participation from the plant personnel helped keep overall job costs down, allowed for training opportunities, and ultimately enhanced their knowledge of the new design.


Burned Engine copy.jpg
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