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ESi is currently engaged by a major US shipping company to update and reconcile the spare parts inventory aboard vessels in their fleet. The project includes 9 new and 13 existing vessels.

New vessels require verification of outfitting spares and organization in vessel store rooms and inventory database. Existing vessels store room content is in varying states of accuracy. ESi provides knowledgeable marine engineers to complete the arduous task of auditing spares, organizing store rooms and perfecting the company database.

Because of our background as marine engineers, we quickly and accurately identify and inventory all spare parts and associate parts in the database with the appropriate assets in the company’s inventory and maintenance system. Upon completion of a vessel, all spare parts are correctly identified, sorted, counted, bagged and labeled with barcode features; database corrections are submitted for update; barcode scanning equipment is tested; and vessel personnel are trained to ensure long term accuracy of the vessel inventory.


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